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John Fogerty fans need help!


First of all, sorry for intruding of your forum... I'm Micio, and I am part of a group of dedicated John Fogerty fans.

As you might know, John's new album, Wrote A Song For Everyone, will be released on May 28. Now, with a small group of 'hardcore' fans, we thought that it might be nice to help our musical hero, by promoting his upcoming album and maybe help him achieve a #1 hit with it, as a way to say 'thank you' to him for all the great songs he has written through the years!

As John and Bruce are good friends, we thought to ask Bruce's fans for help in spreading the word of the upcoming album and help it reach #1 (the last time John was at the #1 spot was in 1985, with the Centerfield album).

We're not selling anything, or making any money whatsoever out of this, we're just asking other music lovers to like our page and share it on their profile, so that we can reach thousands of people and help the album sell a lot of copies when it comes out!

So please, from fans to fans, help us share the word! Our page's address is:

Thanks for the help, and sorry again for intruding! emoticon
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Re: John Fogerty fans need help!

He did a good job on the CMA s last night

Anima gemella
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