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May, 27th, 2012, Cologne, RheinEnergie Stadium, Germany

1 No Surrender
2 Two Hearts
3 We Take Care of Our Own
4 Wrecking Ball
5 The Ties That Bind (sign request)
6 Death to My Hometown
7 My City of Ruins (He was looking for his baby, found a red wig in the crowd and put it on Roy´s head)
8 Spirit in the Night
9 The E Street Shuffle
10 Jack of All Trades
11 Atlantic City
12 Honky Tonk Woman/Darlington County
13 She's the One
14 Working on the Highway
15 Shackled & Drawn
16 Waitin' on a Sunny Day
17 Apollo Medley
18 The River
19 The Rising
20 Radio Nowhere
21 We Are Alive
22 Land of Hope and Dreams
23 Born in the U.S.A.
24 Born to Run
25 Hungry Heart
26 Seven Nights to Rock
27 Dancing in the Dark
28 American Land (sign request)
29 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out

Start 19:50
End 23:05

attendance I guess: 40,000

It´s a quater to three in the morning and let me be honest, I hadn´t expected this. Pinkpop tomorrow, so I thought it would be a little less. But not when you are going to a Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert. OK, a little less running around, a little less going into the crowd. But the crowd was so into the concert, it was loud, loud, loud... and so was the band.

Wolfgang Niedecken didn´t show up, but Hungry Heart was played anyway and got a fantastic first verse plus chorus by the audience.

13 different songs compared to Franfurt, Honky Tonk Woman, LOHAD, 7 Nights to rock, American Land, three pit girls with red wigs on stage to dance in the dark... HEY BABY!!!

Please Mr-you-once-were-the-new-Dylan, let this be a never ending tour.

Thanks band, for letting me be part of this.

I'm ridin' on the power and livin' on the promise in your last kiss
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Re: May, 27th, 2012, Cologne, RheinEnergie Stadium, Germany


Something's open it's my heart
If something's missing it's when we're apart
If something's good it's when we're back together again
Nothing's wrong it's just insane
Nothing's right until you're back again.
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