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Setlist 09-03-212 Apollo, Harlem, New-York USA

Setlist so far, show started 8.20

01. We Take Care of Our Own
02. Wrecking Ball
03. Badlands
04. Death To My Hometown

Hello all, welcome from Bruce
05. My City Of Ruins ( good sax solo by Jake clemons, with band introduction, and we are missing a few, if you are here, and we are here, they are here, 3 times )
06. E Street Shuffle
07. Jack of All Trades
08. Shackled and Drawn
09. Waitin'on a Sunny Day
10. The Promised Land (Jake steps up for another huge solo)
11. Mansion on The Hill (Acoustic guitar is out. Harmonica strapped around his neck. Patti at his side. Mansion On The Hill)

Singers to the front, mentioning Aretha, Solomon Burke,
and so on
12. The Way You Do The Thing You Do (Smokey Robinson) in to
13. 634-5789! (Jake is dancing cross the stage and plays a terrific solo)( and Bruce finally made it into the balcony boxes )
14. The Rising
15. We Are Alive ( Jake proving he might actually be the jack of all trades... Horns, singing, dancing and now on a drum )
16. Thunder Road

Michelle Moore joins Bruce now for:
17. Rocky Ground
18. Land of Hope and Dreams ( great with the horn section )
19. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out ( THE CHANGE WAS MADE UPTOWN AND THE BIG MAN JOINED THE BAND!!!! and they all stopped for almost a minute
A M A Z I N G !!!!!!! )
20. Hold On, ( We are coming , Sam Moore song )
End of show, 2,23 minutes duration


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