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Bruce to play on NJ Shore,12/7..

..anybody close enough to go?

Backstreets Magazine sent out this e-mail to Bruce Springsteen fans late Friday night. They will be offering fans a chance to see Bruce and the E Street Band on Tuesday at the Jersey Shore for a future webcast.

    It's all cold down along the beach...
    The wind's whippin' down the boardwalk...
    And if you don't mind braving that kind of weather, we want to give you a chance to be there when Bruce Springsteen does a video shoot on the Jersey Shore next week!

    On Tuesday, December 7, Bruce will be convening the E Street Band on the Jersey Shore to play tracks from The Promise for a special future webcast. And unlike the Darkness '09 film, they don't want to play to nobody... so we've got the chance to send a small number of fans to be extras for the filming.

    Bear in mind, this won't be a concert, exactly -- it's a shoot, with all the
    stops and starts that usually entails. And it's likely gonna be a cold,
    windy December afternoon, not in the cozy confines of previous Shore
    venues like the Paramount Theatre or Convention Hall. But it'll also be a
    unique opportunity to see Bruce and the Band in action and up close,
    working up performance debuts of songs from The Promise, and to be part of the small crowd in an intimate space when they capture it on film.

    We'll be selecting a handful of fans by random drawing to be part of the
    audience, each able to bring one guest. To enter the drawing, all you
    need to do is send us an email (see details below). Please only enter IF:

    · You're able to get yourself and your guest to the Jersey Shore on Tuesday, December 7, in the mid-afternoon.

    · You're sure you can be there -- we want to get as many fans in as possible and may not be able to adjust for no-shows.

    · You can make it on short notice -- all winners may not be notified until late Monday evening.

    · You can stand the weather!

    If that's you and you'd like to enter for a chance to be there, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information.

    For the subject line, type the name of the musician (a longtime Jackson Browne associate) who played violin on The Promise's version of "Racing in the Street."

    In the body of the email, include your name and address (as it appears on your picture ID), as well as your cell phone (or other contact number) and preferred email address, for any and all notifications about Tuesday.

    Entries must be received by Sunday, December 5, at 2 p.m. ET to be eligible for the drawing. One entry per email address, please. Those selected to
    attend (plus one guest) will be contacted by email as soon as possible
    (but again, it could be up to Monday night) with full details. We'll
    post a notice on the News page to let you know when all notifications have gone out.

    Good luck, we'll hope to see you there!

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