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Re: Happy 50th Postiegirl 19th Nov

Wow!!! Thanks for all your lovely warm wishes, I had a wonderful birthday, or bufty as janet calls it, and to top it all off on the Tuesday night in belfast, I had damn fine seats right next to the stage where i could see bruces butt the whole show~!!! and on top of that!!!!.......he came over to the side and stood there for me to take a photo of him, which I will treasure for the rest of my life....!! Got told off countless times for snapping piccys, but couldnt let the night go by without proof of my good seats....unbelievable!!

Hope you all had a good time, Sue, i have only just got back to england and just topped up my mobile and got your message....sorry, I will pm you with my addy and send you the postage.....mmwahh x :)
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